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Sky Diving
As far as we know Jersey is the only place where its ski dive club has on its website “jump dates and times, varying according to tidal conditions” this is due to the fact that they use the beach as there landing site so they can only jump at low tide! One of the beautiful aspects of skydiving over Jersey is the view of the whole Island, it’s dramatic contrasting coastline, the other Islands and the French coast. Best view you can get!

Normandy Beach over Flights
This is not an exclusive activity to Jersey but is a great trip to make not only to see the French landing beaches but also to see the offshore reefs around Jersey, the other Islands and of course it’s a great way to see our contrasting landscape by air. If you can, make a detour to see Mont St Michel on the French coast, it looks amazing from the air.

Learning to Fly
Not only is it VAT free, learning to fly in Jersey also gives the student pilot the advantage of operating from a busy commercial airport, with a supportive air traffic control service in Class D airspace and Class A airways to master. Student pilots learn radio work in both British and French Airspace making flights outside the U.K. a less daunting proposition once qualified.

Flight Training Courses for JAR Private Pilot License (PPL), Night Rating and Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) are available Trial Lessons are also available